To use one, simply open the app and then select the one you want from the library. When you’re finished designing your new lock screen wallpaper, click on the Export button to download and save your work. Okay, so you’ve decided you’re going to make your own lock screen wallpaper. This part of the creative process is never easy, so to spark some inspiration, check out some themed Picsart creations.

I’ve long loved live, animated wallpapers on my phone, so having a cool backdrop with some slight movement on my Chrome OS desktop sounded too good to pass up on. We will teach you the steps to making a live wallpaper from videos for your home and lock screens, be it on iOS or Android. These features apply to photos only, but you can try live wallpapers if you want to try something new. Windows 10, however, does not support animated/live wallpapers – there is no built-in feature. Therefore, to use live wallpapers, you must install third-party software. As one of the most flexible live wallpaper apps for Android, this one is heavy on customization.

How to hang wallpaper without ruining your walls

How to download GIFs on Android’ to explain the downloading steps, adding them to the Android keyboard, and exporting them to Google drive or cloud storage. File if you no longer want to have the livestream wallpaper automatically start when you login. To choose the wallpaper you want to be displayed when you charge your phone.

  • Repeat the previous steps with the remaining wallpaper borders.
  • I did this all the way down the wall, making sure to press down firmly so there weren’t any rumples in the paper.
  • For vintage paper always use a traditional wheat paste that wallpapers is labeled “for hanging paper”.
  • The release of Apple’s iOS 16 was exciting news for Apple users.

Start by pulling a 2-4″ strip of wallpaper away from its backing. Pull too much more, and the wallpaper will find a way to stick to itself and make your life harder than it has to be. Ensure wallpaper is firmly adhered as, in the event of fire, loose wallpapers can contribute to the hazard. After hanging 2 or 3 lengths, inspect the result to enure that no shading or other faults are present.


You’ll see all the video wallpapers available on your phone. I tried some of them and settled for the Video Live Wallpaper app by NAINGDroid. Here’s how to make a live wallpaper with the app. Keep your iPhone still and tap the “Shutter” button to capture your live photo. Your live wallpaper is now saved on your iPhone “Photos” app.

Repeat the Process

I’ve been through my own trial and error process and I agree with your opinions and suggestions up to the hand sprayer. My experience is that a steamer is necessary. In reality, these scoring holes go into your wall, cause a lot of damage, and in my opinion, don’t help nearly enough to compensate for the damage they cause to your wall. Skim coating is a bit of a skill, and there are some great tips to make this process go quickly and look great.

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