Sonic the Hedgehog has a rocky history in the world of video games. Over the span of several decades, the Blue Blur has starred in more than 30 titles–ranging from critically acclaimed classics to universally panned spin-offs. Despite the spotty track record, Sonic boasts a loyal fanbase and remains one of the most iconic mascots in gaming. The series began when Sega acquired the license to create videogames based on the Olympic Games, intending to create a version featuring characters from its well-known Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

This game is worth picking up mostly as a curiosity, and also because it helps unlock some extra levels in Episode 2 with Sonic CD villain Metal Sonic. There’s a sequel featuring characters from the Sonic Boom games. Regardless, it’s hard to complain about this game too much if you’re a Sonic fan because it’s a fun way to enjoy a legitimate new 2D Sonic game. Touchscreen controls feel less responsive to classic gamers. But screw the rest of the Esquire Gamer Zone, I’m going AWOL. This game was essentially a re-skinned Puyo Puyo featuring everyone’s favorite pre-Jim Carrey Dr. Robotnik.

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Most of them belong to the side content, while some are tied to the main story progression. Usually, those can cause your high-speed adventure to slow to a complete halt – if you don’t figure out how to complete them fast. At the very end of Chaos Island , Sonic has to overcome a challenge in the form of ancient machinery – a Pinball table with an enormous high score required to finish.

Ultimate, with his return being confirmed during Nintendo’s E presentation on June 12. Due to being the first character in Mario’s Classic Mode character unlock tree, Sonic can potentially be the first character unlocked in the game. Despite his flaws and the general consensus that he lacks truly advantageous and disadvantageous matchups, Sonic has nevertheless managed to achieve decent tournament results, even at the national level. As a result, he is currently ranked 22nd out of 38 on the tier list; this places him in the D tier, and posits him as a mid tier character. Despite Sega and Nintendo being hardware and software rivals at the release of the Nintendo GameCube, Yuji Naka claimed that it was possible to include Sonic in Super Smash Bros. However, time constraints apparently caused these plans to fall through.

  • While playing the game, you may notice the game mainly featuring stage test levels.
  • It follows the story of the Secret Rings and is set in the world of King Arthur.
  • As such, Sonic uses a variety of new powers to bring the fight to them.

He previously spent three months interning for Game Informer before coming back to Gaming Trend to spread the good word on video games. His real passion, though, is collecting different versions of the 3DS and other weird Nintendo garbage. Racing through remixed and all new zones at blistering speeds is reminiscent of old Sonic while also surpassing it in almost every way.


Only in the movie’s opening scene do we see the world in which Sonic was born, a bright and inviting universe boasting an abundance of wildlife and greenery. The character, like Nintendo’s Mario or Disney’s Mickey Mouse, exists today primarily as a malleable brand icon, a blue-furred creature who serves the product that’s needed. What’s more, even the core “Sonic” games lacked linear narratives in the traditional sense, thriving primarily as colorful vistas and environments for exploration and challenges. With this new game set to release on his 31st birthday, Sonic is ready to celebrate and catch some speed in this upcoming collection.

Sonic and the Black Knight received mixed reviews following its release as some critics enjoyed its presentation while others took issue with the controls and combat. Another Wii-exclusive title, Sonic and the Black Knight sees the blue blur transported to the medieval fantasy world of King Arthur. Sonic Unleashed was met with mixed reviews citing its environment design and performance as a plus but criticizing the Werehog concept as a whole. Compared to previous installments, this game is very different in that it introduces a new version of Sonic, dubbed Sonic the Werehog.

It’s been a long, long time since Clement was just a kid in the mid-90s. And it’s been nearly half as long since he started down his blue and winding road. When he LP’d the original Sonic the Hedgehog, he was 22 years old. It’s only now, nearly a decade later, that the end is finally in sight… For the time being. Join the Ars Orbital Transmission mailing list to get weekly updates delivered to your inbox. Before I sing this unreleased game’s praises, however, I should clarify that Sega did not bring its technical A-game to this weekend’s press-only Summer Game Fest Play Days event.

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